The Saunazza sauna ladle is a patented innovative design product. When you use it to pour water, it is like rain falling on the heater. 

Owing to an equal distribution of drops of water and vaporization, the heater stones will not cool down as quickly as when using a regular sauna ladle. The sauna will be cleaner, too. The outcome will be effective and gentle steam, a cleaner sauna and a heater with a longer service life. As the steam is more even, also children will find more joy in going to the sauna. 

Stainless steel with a glossy finish is durable and looks stylish. The handle of the sauna ladle is made of Estonian aspen by Estonian handicraft masters. This stylish and high-quality product will also make a great birthday or Christmas present or a corporate gift. 

The sauna ladle is 80 cm long and the package is sized 100x80x800 mm. On special request, the handle of the sauna ladle can be given an oil finish (see picture above). 

We also offer custom-made sauna ladles with a length of 1.15 m. When you use a sauna ladle with a longer handle, you will not have to stand up to pour water on the heater if the heater is not close enough. In that case, you can also leave the bowl on the floor.